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MacLaren Island - Lack of Picnic tables

There is an increasing number of families who use the waterfront areas on MacLaren Island for day use-picnics. However, the number of picnic tables available is woefully inadequate. Those that are present are usually in extremely poor condition. Surely some improvement can be made in this area.

There is also a water faucet sigh clearly visable fron the roadway on the south side of the island, but there is no faucet present.

Correction to my forum item. I meant MacDonnell Island. I have spotted at least two new tables at the east side. Much appreciated.

At long last we have had a couple of new tables added. Thank you. Now if we can only get people to stop putting, and leaving, them in the water. Perhaps your vigilant security team who patrol the park looking for day use passes, could stop and fish them out.

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